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My customers are based in the USA and Canada but my business is not. Can I use your service?

Yes, regardless of where your business is based we will be able to deliver your text messages.

I have clients all over the globe. Does this mean I can message them with your service?

Yes, we offer a truly global support using only direct high quality routes so we can deliver your messages anywhere in the world. Almost anywhere, sorry no support for North Korea.

How are my US-based clients going to receive my messages?

All US-based messages will be sent via our carrier approved short code which is 81787. All Canadian based customers will get the messages from our Canadian short code.

Are you going to show my real phone number?

Absolutely not. We are using your phone number just to verify your registration. It will not be shown to any of your customers.

Well can't I use my business name instead?

It depends. Each country has their own strict regulations, so currently you can use your business name pretty much in the whole European Union + Australia. Reference above.

Alright, can I have my own US short code?

Yes, if you are serious about text marketing and would like to have your own unique business code we can take care of this. Please mind that the whole process takes 6-8 weeks as we need to get approval from all US based carriers.

What if I do not want to get a US-short code. Is there a way around this?

Yes, if you are not planning to send marketing messages, but instead want to send only notifications and automations, we can set you up with a personal number which will be only for your brand. Reach out to us via for more info or by Messenger at

How do I find how much a message costs?

You can find our per country pricing here: Country Pricing

How does the messages based on timezone work?

Basically, if you've set the message to send out at 4PM, your subscribers will receive it whenever it's 4PM in their time zone. This feature works for Text Marketing messages + Any ROI Automations like (Abandoned cart reminders and Customer Reactivations).

I see you also offer integrations. Are there more coming along? Can you integrate with another app I am using?

Definitely yes. We are just getting started. Have an app you would like us to integrate with? Please email us at so we can learn more about your use-case.

I am planning to send a minimum of 200k messages a month, can you offer me a discount?

Please email us at for more info.

What is a sign up keyword?

A keyword allows your store visitors to subscribe to your text marketing list by texting your keyword to a custom number. We give you sign up keywords free of charge when you use our service and you can also get your own unique one by either committing to $10 a month or getting it free of charge with one of our plans. Please note that currently this feature is only available for US-based clients.

How can I unsubscribe from the monthly plans?

Drop us an email and we would be more than happy to unsubscribe you.

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