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Holiday Shopper #2: Get a Hold of the Deal Seeker

It is 11:59 pm, November 28. She is all pumped up on coffee, eyes wide open. Surrounding her she has three laptops (plugged in), 2 mobile phones (fully charged), oh and let’s not forget her ancient iPad which is there “just in case”. Her eagerness is through the roof. Her wish-list - organised alphabetically, from lowest to highest price, and “priority-first”. 

Once again, she will save a couple of hundred bucks because she shops smartly. 

The clock strikes midnight. GO!

We all know at least one of these...the person who refuses to buy anything unless it's on sale. Shopping without discounts is a foreign concept to them, as they never pay full price.

 Roughly, every one in five people classifies as a deal-seeker. This shopping group loves a good discount and an irresistible offer is what closes the deal. This is why deal-seekers are mostly active during the classic bargain weekend, from Black Friday  through Cyber Monday. 

Black Friday might be the most important day of the year for our fellow deal seekers, but the good news is they will buy all year round if some good bargains come their way. That’s because self-gifting is just as important to them as buying for family and friends. 


But what’s their venue? 

Because they’re driven by sales and savings, deal seekers tend to dive into heavy online research. With the help of their yellow legal pad, they surf through multiple websites, play Pros and Cons, before they make a decision. And yes, you guessed right: deal seekers are heavy mobile shoppers. Which means what? That they are the perfect target audience to capture with your text marketing campaigns


And Now to the “How to…?”

You can easily lure out bargain-hunters with special holiday deals that emphasise how much they will be saving and the exclusivity of the discount. Don’t forget these are the deal seekers so boost discounts to 20% or more to make sure you will score that sale.

{SiteName}: Don’t sleep on our early Christmas deals, {FirstName}! Up to 30% on selected items. Save a ton AND get even more gifts than planned: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOPXXXXX to opt out.

Add an extra pinch of care to your Christmas recipe by setting up an upsell flow. Offer them a discount on a suitable, complimentary item, based on what they just purchased. Many deal seekers are used to tight time-frames so don’t forget to give them only 24 to 48 hours to act on your deal. Cut them some slack, though, if they don’t react right away, and remind them once more before the offer expires. 


{SiteName}: Your item has been shipped {FirstName}. But hold on! Ski in style with a 45% discount on goggles: {DiscountCodeURL}. Offer ends in 48 hours! Reply STOPXXXXX to opt out.

What do deal-seekers love more than discounts? Free items. December is the time to bring out the big guns and max out on BOGO deals, offer “secret” gifts, freebies etc.


​{SiteName}: Ready to hit the slopes this winter, {FirstName}? Shop our winter collection and get a pair of ski gloves for free: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOPXXXXX to opt out. 


Need some inspiration?

Spread the Christmas cheer with our Santa-approved SMS templates that will bring a ton of presents under your tree this year! 

Viktoria is a Content Creator at SMSBump. Besides writing for work and pleasure, she is an avid foodie, a big fan of Stephen King, and enjoys spending time at the beach.

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