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10 Charming Women's Day SMS Templates to Boost Business

March 8th is right around the corner and brands are gearing up in full swing to give their customers offers to remember. International Women’s Day is yet another grand retail holiday when female-focused brands flood their customers’ inboxes with deals and big discounts. They know that every man, woman, friend, sibling etc. wants to make sure the women in their lives feel special and cherished, especially on this day.

And it's the perfect opportunity to give their sales a little boost! Essentially all they have to is be present, have some great deals and promote them on the right channel.

But Women’s Day this year has an added value that some might overlook: it falls on a Sunday.

What difference does it make in retail terms?

In terms of preparation: this fact doesn’t really change much - you still need to start in advance and announce your sales at least several days before the day itself.

In terms of actual shopping though: falling on a Sunday can only work to your advantage. This is the day to chill, enjoy themselves and browse through the web, mostly while still in bed and on their phone. And it’s the best time to grab your customers’ attention.

Escape the email and social media chatter and send them an SMS!

Give your text messages an even bigger edge with the heavenly-looking templates we’ve prepared. 


Women’s Day SMS Templates for Any Shopper 

womens_day_template_SMSBump{SiteName}: Show the special lady in your life how much you appreciate her, {FirstName}. Shop our Women’s Day collection with a 20% discount: brand. {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

womens_day_tulip_SMSBump{SiteName}: Happy Women's Day, {FirstName}! As a special treat to you, we launched a 24-hour store-wide sale, up to 50% off: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

womens_day_personal_shopper_template_SMSBump‚ÄčIt’s Celeste from {SiteName} to help you choose the best present for the best woman in your life, {FirstName}. Go through our hand-picked collection and get your gift with free shipping: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

sms_template_charming_gift_SMSBump{SiteName}: Women’s Day is here and so are our special deals! Get the precious women in your life a charming gift with 25% OFF using LADY25: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

sms_template_womens_day_SMSBumpDon’t forget to surprise your special lady this weekend, {FirstName}. She’s counting on it. Get inspired by {SiteName}’s 10 gift ideas, all at a holiday promo price: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

Every woman is unique, {FirstName}! Now is your chance to show the women in your life how unique they are to you. Shop our one-of-a-kind gifts: {SiteUrl}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

sms_template_what_women_want_SMSBump{SiteName}: We are not shy to say that we know what women want for their special day, {FirstName}. Grab your gift from our Women’s Day collection now at a reduced price: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out.

sms_templates_gift_ideas_SMSBump{FirstName}, we got 8 ideas to spoil your special lady this Women’s Day. Get them here at 25% OFF: {DiscountCodeUrl}. Offer good until quantities last. Reply STOP to opt out. 
sms_template_subscription_womens_day_SMSBumpYour lady deserves the best all-year-round. Is it flowers, makeup or something else? Choose from {SiteName}’s subscription boxes and get an annual subscription now at 15% off: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

sms_templates_abandoned_cart_SMSBump{SiteName}: Don’t forget the special gift for your special lady, {FirstName}. Get it now with an additional 5% off: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 

sms_template_bogo_SMSBump{SiteName}: Two presents are always better than one, {FirstName}. Grab a second item with a discount and have the best Women’s Day: {DiscountCodeURL}. Reply STOP to opt out. 


Copy, paste, tweak and see your sales grow. Just make sure to adjust the templates to your liking, amend the discount amount you've planned yourself, and replace the short codes with the ones in our editor so they work properly! 

Have a happy Women’s Day and a great start of spring!tulip_emoji

And don’t forget to tell us about it. 

Viktoria is a Content Creator at SMSBump. Besides writing for work and pleasure, she is an avid foodie, a big fan of Stephen King, and enjoys spending time at the beach.

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