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10 Creative Ways to Use SMS Discounts to Drive Sales in Shopify

SMS marketing has the potential to be a very powerful means of communication especially if in the hands of a savvy e-commerce merchant. Text messages let you create a powerful touchpoint that reaches your customers both offline and online, in a lightning-fast, personal, and direct way.

SMSBump is an all-in-one SMS marketing tool and can be used by any Shopify business that wants to drive extra business and connect with customers where other channels like email tend to fail.

It is quicker than most channels, has a lower cost, it is more personal, less invasive and very popular for users of all ages and any type of mobile device.

What makes SMS so powerful?

SMS gives value to both merchants and customers. Here is why: 

  • No app installation or internet connection required. Doesn’t require customers to install apps or have an Internet connection to receive messages.

  • 98% open rate and 45% response rates. You can rest assured that your message will get seen and read by your customer. (Source)

  • It only takes a few seconds to read. Customers find it more convenient, a striking 66% of engaged users prefer to get contacted by brands with text messages. (Source

  • Text messages are personal. Customers let you into an exclusive and intimate space that they only share with their friends and relatives when they agree to receive texts from you. Establishing long term relationships becomes easier and your customers may even refer you by forwarding your text messages.

  • Actionable conversion channel. Customers instantly grasp the message and it only takes them one click to continue shopping or recover their abandoned checkout.

  • Gain new subscribers from keywords, checkout and custom signup forms. There are multiple ways to receive customer consent and phone number opt-ins for news & exclusive deals via text messages, instead of emails. 

  • SMS is an affordable and simple way to reach out to clients and can be used to improve your customer service, no matter how many or few people work for your company.

Combined with a very irresistible personalized discount, SMS marketing can help your business build trust and loyalty, promote brand recognition, and gain a great return on investment.

This blog post will remind you of 10 creative ways to use personalised discounts to increase sales and customer engagement. Perhaps some of them are relevant to your brand as well? Scroll further to see what we have put together for you and you might just get a great idea for your next text marketing campaign.

Cash discount, percentage and free shipping

Cash discounts, fixed percentage and free shipping are probably three of the most popular go-to ways to make your customers feel appreciated, to attract new ones or to win old ones back. 

Being so popular, literally every store out there, from the smallest local grocery store to the giants, has relied on them on numerous occasions. So make sure, no matter what and how great your offer, to always stand out. Time your campaign right, study and pick your customers wisely, be precise and give them a clearly stated, limited-time offer.

And don’t forget - keep it short, keep it simple, keep it hot

examples_discounts_SMSBumpExamples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

For {SiteName}’s 25th anniversary we are rewarding all of our most loyal customers! Get your $25 OFF by July 25: Reply STOP to opt out.


Celebrate International Pineapple Day with {SiteName}! Get your 25% OFF on all pineapple t-shirts by July 18: Reply STOP to opt out.


Only in the next 24 hours - stock up your wardrobe for the upcoming winter and get free shipping: Reply STOP to opt out. 


Customer Loyalty Rewards

You always want to think about your most engaged customers, as loyalty is a two-way street. And SMS marketing could be the highway to establishing a good relationship with your customer, but it needs to be maintained closely and always with extra dash of care. 

Maybe give your customer a surprise pair of free gloves after they have purchased a scarf from you. Or send them exclusive deals. Keep them happy by offering them an extended discount they can use with their next purchase. Or propose that they take part in your exclusive competition to win one of many gifts. 


Examples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

Hey, Janice, thank you for once again choosing us for your home-decor needs. Here is our 20% OFF gift for you: Reply STOP to opt out. 


Bonus Info: Speaking of customer loyalty, SMSBump has a running integration with - the world’s largest reward program provider. It offers three programs, designed to drive repeat purchases and sustainable growth for your brand, as well as to give customers a way to join, engage with, and share your brand community: 


  • Loyalty points program

  • Referral program

  • VIP program


See How To Set Up and Use Smile in SMSBump for more information and guidelines.  


Abandoned cart offers

The average eCommerce store loses over 75% of its sales to cart abandonment. That’s about  three-quarters. It’s 6 slices of an 8-slice pizza.

Did you know that in 2017, 60% of customers who abandoned their carts did so because of high extra costs, such as shipping and other fees? 


What are some ways to tackle at least this issue and reduce cart abandonment?

Decrease the price of shipping fees for customers who have abandoned their cart right before checkout. Or omit them for purchases over a certain value. Or why not drop them altogether? You could also give your customer a long-standing offer  - say, “complete your purchase and get free shipping on your next order”.


Examples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

Hi, Matthew. You don’t want to disappoint your dog, do you? Come back to your cart today, check out with no shipping fee: Reply STOP to opt out. 


Hey, Candice, are you ready for the weekend? Just in the next two days free shipping on all orders over $50: Reply STOP to opt out. 


Ahoy, Michael, we want you back aboard! In the next 24 hours shipping is FREE: Reply STOP to opt out. 


Referral programs 

Referral programs are a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Or in this case - to both reward your current customers and to have them, basically, do the heavy lifting for you, by inspiring them to invite their family members, friends, colleagues to connect with you and your business. 


Just some quick stats to show you exactly how powerful referral programs could be:

  • People are 4 times more likely to buy a certain thing when referred by a friend

  • 77% of consumers say they are more inclined to make a purchase if it was approved by a friend of family member

  • Referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value, i.e. referral leads are not only easier to close but they help your business long-term.


Examples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

Hey Jess, wouldn’t your friend love to have a new dress? Refer a friend, make them happy and get 20% OFF your next purchase: Reply STOP to opt out. 


Holiday Promotions for Christmas, Black Friday, Halloween and more 

Always be relevant. It might seem like one of those things that just has you going “duuuh” but it is highly important that you take advantage of different holidays and holiday seasons to run your promotions and remain in the spotlight of important events. 

This means announcing your Christmas deals and discounts in advance and preparing your audience for the promotions you’re running during holiday season.


Examples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

Hey, John, we want you to have a jolly season! Grab some of our Christmas decorations with a 30% discount only in the next 48 hours: Reply STOP to opt out. 


Easter is a great chance to be brave and provoke your customers to decorate their garden by giving them a discount on tools, decorations etc. 


Examples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

Did you spruce up your lawn for Easter? No? Enjoy a 30% discount on selected gardening tools and decorations: Reply STOP to opt out.


Black Friday is аn amazing opportunity for Shopify merchants to cook up some great promotions on products from all across the board and win big.

Examples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

{StoreName}: You know the pair of shoes you always wanted? This Black Friday you can get them at 40% OFF with code BLACK18


For Mother’s Day or Father’s Day - remind them that their most loved ones are relying on them to surprise them with the sweetest gift. And with that reminder why not send them a 20% discount on your newest collection.


Important: Just don’t forget to time your campaign adequately, research and select your audience smartly, and give your customers hard-to-resist deals. 

Birthday specials 

Is it your customer’s birthday? Or is it your store’s birthday? Or maybe it is your store and your customer’s first “subscription” anniversary. Treat them to a nice deal so they know they made the right decision by saying “Yes” to you. This also greatly helps in retaining your customers for a longer time when they see appreciation other brands don’t offer.

Examples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

Let’s celebrate your special day together! 10% OFF on ALL party equipment for a night you will definitely forget: Reply STOP to opt out.  


Bonus Info: SMSBump has a running integration with Happy Birthday Discounts - an amazing app that allows you to reward your most loyal customers with a timely birthday incentive or personalized discount for your store. Learn how to connect SMSBump and Happy Birthday Discounts  to increase your customer engagement and profit. 

And to make your customer’s experience even more delightful, SMSBump partners with ReConvert, a creative Shopify page builder that designs powerful Thank You pages after successful checkouts and allows merchants to collect customers’ birthdays to send them a gift on their special day.

Read how to install this integration and if you haven’t yet - start collecting your customer’s birthdays to make them feel even more cherished on their important day! 


Influencer Offers 

If there is one thing for sure in this world, it is that people tend to either want to look like, sound like, behave like, dress like their favorite singers/actors/musicians/artists etc. Nowadays, people have social media influencers to get inspired by. According to recent studies, 49% of consumers depend on influencer recommendations when debating over purchases.

It’s safe to say that collaborating with an influencer to popularize your brand is a good way to go about it. Have them promote your brand on their blog, vlog etc., while in return you can give them infinite discount opportunities and of course - return the favour and promote them as well. 


Examples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

Hey, Mariah, get our “Irresistible” perfume, tested and approved by Kim Kardashian. Be as Queen as she is. Only today with 10% off: Reply STOP to opt out. 



Customer inactivity is probably one of the most common obstacles all businesses face. Do you have customers that purchased something from you but have been completely dormant since then? Yes, dormant.

Because they still are on the look-around, they still rummage through your site, they still have an account with you and haven’t cancelled their subscription, but just haven’t bought anything from you recently. Or they have, but you want to make sure they stick around for longer. 


How To Do That? 

1. Send them automated abandoned cart reminders with different offers. For instance:

  • First automation: 5 to 10 minutes after they have abandoned their cart - remind them about their products and give them free shipping 


Hi, Candice, are you still with us? Your cart is waiting for you. Check out in the next hour with FREE shipping: Reply STOP to opt out. 


  • Second automation: 1 hour after - offer them a 5% discount on their order 


It is {StoreName} again, Candice. Don’t forget about your swimsuit and shorts! Here is a 5% discount from us:


  • Third automation: 1 day after - 10% discount 


Hi, Candice. Your cart is feeling very lonely. Finish your order in the next 24 hours and grab a 10% discount:  Reply STOP to opt out. 


Bonus tip: Combine this with a compelling Image grid, containing images of the products your customer has abandoned. Actions speak louder than words, after all. Or in this case - visuals speak more than words. See how.


2. Another way to try and bring back an inactive customer is by automating the delivery of winback messages, triggering 30 days post their last purchase. With that, why not give them a 10% discount on their next purchase as an incentive to come back to you. 


Hey, Elise, we haven’t heard from you in a long time. We miss you so grab our 10% discount and get an awesome sweater: Reply STOP to opt out. 


3. You always want to keep your customers coming back to you. One way to do that is to enable the product upsell automations, i.e. to offer your customers promotions on specific items you think they might like, based on the last purchase they made. 


{SiteName}: Lucile, congrats on your new set of plates! Do you want porcelain cups to go with them? Get them with 10% OFF: Reply STOP to opt out. 


You want to leave? Not yet... 

Make your exit popup as irresistible as possible. As it is your last-second incentive to sway your shopper to make that purchase before they completely forget about you.

“Why? Because we have exit offers that are just so juicy-sweet you can’t help yourself. Now, with this 20% discount, you just won’t have the strength to miss out on those shoes.”

You can refer to How to Create an SMSBump Signup Form Popup in Shopify to learn more on crafting effective pop-ups and and using them to retain customers and win new ones.

pair_offers_SMSBumpExamples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

Hello, did you forget about the gorgeous earrings, waiting for you in the cart? Check out in the next 24 hours and get a free pair: Reply STOP to opt out. 


One other way to keep your customers coming back to your Shopify store is to connect your SMSBump Plus account and Zipify One Click Upsell.

Learn more about this need integration and how to get the most out of it in How to Use Zipify OneClickUpsell with SMSBump to Boost Shopify Sales.


Product bundling 

1 + 1 = more. 

The more, the merrier.

Product bundling is a good strategy to gently lead your customer into buying more than they have initially planned on. After all, you are just asking them if they need a bag to go with those shoes.

This way, not only do you have the chance to increase your profits and conversion rate, but you leave your customer satisfied, equipped and with the feeling they have stroke a great deal.


Examples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

Shoes + bags = eternal love. Grab a pair of shoes and get an amazing bag for half the price: Reply STOP to opt out.  


Important: to avoid confusion and any issues, make sure to set up the link so it leads straight to the deal or the page on your website that contains all items your customers can select from to make the bundle. 

Go to our How to Add Discounts in SMS Marketing Campaigns and Automations article for the complete set of guidelines on how to include discounts in your text marketing campaigns. 


Subscription Product Discount Tips (Bonus)

Another genius way to use discounts is when a customer subscribes for or unsubscribes from your store. What do we mean by that? 


Successful Subscription Bonus

Did a person just subscribe to receive a box of goodies from you on a monthly basis? Go ahead and with the confirmation SMS - send them a 5% discount on their next month’s goodie box.

Examples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

Hey, Nathalie, your order is on its way! Thank you for choosing {StoreName}. Here is a 5% discount from us: Reply STOP to opt out.   


Cancelled Subscription Recovery

Or did somebody just unsubscribe - with the confirmation SMS that they have successfully cancelled their subscription - remind them they can always come back and get 5% off on their first order.

Examples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

{StoreName}: Hey, Angela, your subscription has been cancelled. If you change your mind - renew your plan with 5% OFF: Reply STOP to opt out. 
abandoned_subscription_checkout_SMSBumpAbandoned Subscription Checkout

Did they forget to confirm their subscription and their goodie box is still in the cart? Send them a reminder and give them free shipping on their first order.

Examples to copy and paste in your SMSBump text message editor:

{StoreName}: John, you forgot to complete your subscription. Complete it by tomorrow and get FREE shipping: Reply STOP to opt out. 


This is where the SMSBump <> ReCharge integration would come in handy to your Shopify store. Installing the integration can help you maintain a great relationship with your subscribers not just by sending them discounts, but by keeping them in the know about their payments with upcoming charge SMS reminders.


Since one of the main problems of subscription-based business is the lack of proper notifications, now you can solve that with one of the most simple solutions out there - texts.


SMS, spice...

...and everything nice. As long as you are mindful about giving discounts as giving discounts is a tricky business. Simple math shows us that  with a 33% discount, you’ll need a 50% increase in sales to end up with the same revenue. And with a 50% discount, you’ll need to double your sales to keep revenue the same. 

So, again we emphasize the importance of careful timing, thorough customer research, compelling and attractive message, and of course - desirable offer. Short, simple, hot. Get started today!

Viktoria is a Content Creator at SMSBump. Besides writing for work and pleasure, she is an avid foodie, a big fan of Stephen King, and enjoys spending time at the beach.

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